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Pevco Tec-6


When you have been in the pneumatic tube business for as long as we have, you know a good thing when you see it. The Pevco TEC-6 carrier is a good thing and it's exclusively for healthcare.

The Pevco TEC-6 carrier is engineered to be easier to hold, fill, close and send. Contoured ends and conveniently placed hand-holds allow healthcare staff to maneuver the carrier with ease. Red/Green latch status indicators ensure that the carrier is closed correctly.

TEC-6 includes integrated barcodes to enable tracking of every delivery. When combined with Pevco Tracker™, transaction data and arrival confirmation for any carrier sent is stored in a database and available to authorized staff—all in real-time.

Pevco's TEC-6 carrier is constructed from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester which is known for its super-durability, lasting clarity, and scratch resistance. Combined with long-wearing Nylon glide bands, tough stainless steel hinges, end-caps developed to absorb landing impact, and Pevco's patented leak resistant seal, the TEC-6 is built to stand-up to the most demanding 24/7 hospital environment.


  • Easy to Open and Close

  • Comfortable to Grip

  • Integrated Barcodes

  • High Performance Glide Bands

  • Durable Construction

TEC-6 Brochure

Pevco Smart Seal


Integrated within a pneumatic tube station or placed on a nearby counter, the Pevco Smart Seal's convenient, automatic operations make it easy to guard against spills and protect fragile cargo. Smart Seal is ideal for protecting spill-prone lab specimens, valuable blood products and pharmaceuticals, and fragile or sterile supplies.

Simply place items into a single-use bag. Slip the top of the bag between the heat sealing guides. The guides automatically latch and hold the bag in place. When finished, the guides release the perfectly sealed bag and the protected contents are ready to be added to a waiting carrier.

Saves Time
Automatic fail-proof operation seals in less than four seconds.

Shields staff from potentially hazardous spills, protects fragile cargo from breakage and helps to maintain sterile product conditions.

Spills are contained – eliminating costly, time consuming system shut-down and hand delivery.

Pevco Smart Seal™ is UL Listed and built to withstand the 24/7 demands of hospital operation.

The Smart Seal™ Single-Use Bag

  •     Heat, tear and puncture resistant
  •     Easy-tear notch allows fast opening
  •     Custom fit provides extra support and cushion for cargo
  •     Available in a variety of colors for designating destinations or contents
  •     Integrated sealed paperwork pouch

Pevco Smart Seal PDF Datasheet

Diverters and Blowers


While not visible to most users, diverters and blowers are critical to the quick and reliable operation of a pneumatic tube delivery system. And in a hospital environment, diverters and blowers are in constant use and must remain operational.

That’s why Pevco diverters and blowers are designed and built for one purpose—hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems. We understand the demands of hospital operations and have designed our equipment to hold up over years of operation.

Our diverters and blowers are built to reduce downtime and make maintenance trouble-free. We use off-the-shelf components, so spare parts are always close at hand—whether shipped from our warehouse on the West Coast or from a hospital’s local industrial supply company.

Specification Sheets

4-Port 4" Diverter PDF

4-Port 6" Diverter PDF

6-Port 4" Diverter PDF

6-Port 6" Diverter PDF

Pevco 4" Blower PDF

Pevco 6" Blower PDF

Pevco Security Door

Pevco’s pneumatic tube station security doors offer added protection for high-value pharmaceuticals, blood products and specimens.

Ideal for:

  •     stations in vulnerable public areas
  •     restricting unauthorized staff access to deliveries
  •     ensuring increased patient privacy
  •     securing high-value medications and materials

Pevco’s security door controls are conveniently linked to the existing Pevco station panel. Shortcut keys can be programmed to speed access or users can open the door by entering User Options and finding the Door Unlock feature. Either way, users must enter the authorization code to release the sturdy electromagnetic lock. An alarm will be triggered if the door lock is forced or tampered with.

Once open, the Pevco security door stays open until you close it and won’t spring back or lock before a transaction is complete. A programmable timer, allowing up to 60 seconds, rings to remind users to secure the door.

Made of the same durable, powder-coated steel as Pevco’s stations, the security door is built to withstand the most demanding environment. The clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate window is secure yet allows users to easily see when a carrier has arrived.

Security Door PDF Datasheet

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