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System Conversions

Our delivery systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into any hospital environment. Our systems and software are 100% compatible with other manufacturers’ systems, and are not dependent on expensive proprietary parts. To convert a system, we simply replace a computer chip in each piece of equipment and upgrade the control center with Pevco Smart System™ software.

If you are looking to expand your hospital’s delivery system, we can easily add additional stations, diverters, and blowers during the conversion process. We can also enhance the operation of your system by adding Pevco Link™ (Touch Control with Barcode Tracking), Smart Path™, and Pevco Carrier Management System™, which dramatically reduce wait times and increase delivery speed.

Whether you start with a small system or a large and complex one, Advanced Pneumatic Tubes designs with flexibility in mind, so that the system can grow and change as a hospital does. Cost analyses by hospitals of all sizes show that pneumatic tube delivery systems cost less over time than employee couriers. The largest hospitals may even save millions of dollars per year with a delivery system through labor and energy reductions.

Our high-quality, easy-to-use delivery systems are designed to transport medical materials quickly, safely and reliably. All Pevco systems feature advanced, user-friendly Smart System software that automatically determines the fastest route for each carrier and monitor all transactions.

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