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Software and Electronics

Pevco Smart System™


Pevco Smart System™ is the brain of the pneumatic tube delivery system, featuring our custom software — designed specifically for the requirements of healthcare professionals. From the Smart System Control Center, users can monitor carrier traffic, check on alarms and advisories, optimize the entire system and provide detailed reporting.

​Pevco Smart Center
Using the familiar Microsoft Windows platform and a customized high-performance PC, Pevco Smart Center establishes priority among transactions, ensures each carrier travels the shortest possible distance and continually monitors each carrier's progress through the system until each transaction is completed successfully. 
Software upgrades are free. And Pevco's research and development efforts ensure that our software continually improves as a hospital's needs evolve.


Pevco 9600 Panels and Electronics
Built to last, Pevco panels and system electronics are made exclusively for the 24/7 demands of hospitals. Our user-friendly station panels enable healthcare professionals to quickly send carriers, freeing up valuable time. Our station, diverter and blower electronics are reliable, limiting the need for costly maintenance. 
For hospitals that require it, we continue to support 2400 baud rate systems. However, for new and upgraded systems, we recommend the faster Pevco 9600. Pevco 9600 network communications operate 4 times faster than 2400 systems, resulting in shorter delivery times and increased system-wide throughput.

9600 Network Communications Datasheet

9600 Smart Panel Quick Reference Guide

Pevco Link™


With intuitive functions, an easy to read display, built-in directories and convenient barcode tracking, Pevco Link makes sending pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products fast, safe and simple.

Deliveries are documented in real time and arrive when and where they are needed—so medical professionals can stay focused on providing the best patient care possible.


Three ways to use Pevco Link

  1. Tracked Send. Know exactly what item was sent, when it left, when it arrived and even who received patient-critical cargo with barcode tracking. Transaction data is easily accessed from the touch control and more detailed records are available through an accompanying web application. 

  2. Secure Send. Ideal for sending sensitive items without barcode tracking, a 3-digit code must be entered at the receiving station before the carrier drops into the bin.

  3. Standard Send. No authorization or barcodes required. Simply select the carrier destination using a shortcut button, directory menu or keypad.

Pevco Link™ Datasheet PDF

Pevco V-Panel™


Pevco’s V-Panel™ allows staff to effortlessly manage pneumatic tube deliveries. Whether your facility’s pneumatic tube system is small or complex, you can customize the Pevco V-Panel to suit your needs.


  • 20 Shortcut Keys - Streamline destination and advanced function selection.

  • Large Display - Clear, easily readable LCD provides more information to reduce errors.

  • Dedicated Empty-Carrier Keys - Carriers are available when and where users need them.

  • Durable Electronics - Made to meet the demands of around-the-clock hospital operations.

Pevco V-Panel™ Datasheet PDF

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