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System Optimization

Pevco Link™ makes sending pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products fast, safe and simple with intuitive functions, an easy to read display, built-in directories and convenient barcode tracking. Deliveries are documented in real time and arrive when and where they are needed—so medical professionals can stay focused on providing the best patient care possible.


Smart Path™ is a proprietary configuration of tubes, blowers and diverters, as well as software upgrades, that streamlines the way carriers travel through a delivery system. Smart Path ensures that carriers always travel the shortest, fastest route. Clients report that transaction times improve by 15% or more with Smart Path.

Carrier Management System™ is a software enhancement combined with additional tubing that enables a system to automatically store empty carriers in holding areas within the system. With the touch of a carrier call button, Pevco Carrier Management System™ delivers empty carriers to stations that need them within seconds, anywhere in the hospital, eliminating telephone requests for empty carriers.

Pevco 9600 is a communication protocol that enhances the pneumatic tube system’s network operations. Legacy systems run at 2400 baud rate, while Pevco 9600 runs 4 times faster. In addition to increased communication speed, Pevco 9600 overall network configuration means faster response times and fewer nuisance alarms throughout a system.

Routine Preventive Maintenance can also optimize your delivery system. A factory trained Pevco technician can conduct preventive maintenance on stations, blowers, diverters and adjust the software settings to improve the overall operation of the system.

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