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Transaction Management

Pevco Smart Path™


Here’s how it works. With Smart Path™, the delivery system’s tube and diverter configuration allows any blower to handle any transaction from anywhere in the system from start to finish. This change in design and operation eliminates the dependence on a single blower for an individual zone, and effectively eliminates downtime for blower preventive maintenance.

Smart Path™ makes sure carriers always travel the shortest, fastest route within a system. Nearly all transactions are accomplished in just two moves, vacuum and pressure. This eliminates carrier stopping and starting while dramatically reducing overall transaction time and carrier wait time. Clients report that transaction times improve by 15% or more with Smart Path™.

Time spent waiting for carriers is decreased by an average of 30%, since carriers can be stored anywhere in the system. Empty carriers arrive at waiting stations in seconds. Smart Path™ also eliminates traffic jams since carrier traffic is evenly distributed across multiple tube paths and blowers. Overall, Smart Path™ makes your delivery system more available for additional transactions.

Pevco Smart Path™ comes complete with a premium computer package that includes redundant hard drives. This assures users of continued system operation by automatically switching to the back-up hard drive in the event of a primary hard drive malfunction.

Pevco Smart Path™ can substantially improve the performance of any delivery system — no matter how large and complex it is, and no matter what company manufactured it — without replacing a single station, in most cases. Pevco Smart Path™ is designed to save hospitals money, whether their delivery system has 20 stations or more than 200. It exceeds all industry standards for value and performance.


Pevco Smart Path™ Brochure PDF

Pevco Link™


Sending and tracking patient-sensitive material has never been so fast, safe and simple. Now healthcare professionals have access to every detail of their pneumatic tube system transactions. Track the exact items from origin to destination and even document the staff handling them—right at the station or through a secure web application.


Three Ways to use Pevco Link:


Tracked Send

Know exactly what item was sent, when it left, when it arrived and even who received patient-critical cargo with barcode tracking. Real-time and historical transaction data is easily accessed from the touch control and more detailed, downloadable records are available through an accompanying web application.


With a real-time audit trail, Pevco Link’s Tracked Send protects important materials by documenting their movement through a PTS from start to finish. Optional employee identification enables staff accountability.


Secure Send

Ideal for sending sensitive items without barcode tracking, a 3-digit code must be entered at the receiving station before the carrier drops into the bin.


Standard Send

No authorization or barcodes required. Simply select the carrier destination using a shortcut button, directory menu or keypad.



  • Integrated barcode reader* for tracking and documentation of high-value items

  • User-friendly web application for real-time review of all barcode tracked transactions

  • Send and request empty carriers with the touch of a button

  • Important messages, like Secure carrier arrived and Station ready, are easily visible in large, bold graphics

  • Access special features and instructions with the Options Key

  • Screen has bright, contrasting graphics with responsive, easy to read keys, reducing the chance of error

Pevco Link™ Brochure PDF

Pevco Carrier Management System™


We know that when you need an empty carrier, you need it now. The prompt delivery of patient-critical materials depends on it. Pevco Carrier Management System™ ensures a supply of empty carriers by delivering them to stations that need them, automatically.

After a delivery is received, the user simply returns the empty carrier to the system. The system computer determines whether to send the carrier directly to another station or place it in storage units built into the tube system.

Pevco Carrier Management System monitors the carrier count at each station and automatically sends empty carriers to stations in need. In addition, any user lacking carriers can request one with the touch of a button. An empty carrier is delivered to the requesting station in seconds.

Decrease or eliminate telephone requests for empty carriers and save time with Pevco Carrier Management System—a must for busy labs, pharmacies and emergency rooms.

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