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Training Services

In-Service Training

In-Service Training programs allow our customers to schedule training programs on site for their technical staff in blocks of time and during the times that are convenient for technical support staff. Classes can be offered during normal working hours or during off-hours to assure that all technical support staff receives the same level of training.

In-Service Training programs are designed to for two areas:

Operator In-Service Training incorporates details of System, Station, Diverter, Blower and Carrier operations and advisory and alarm notifications.

Maintenance In-Service Training incorporates trouble shooting tips for field personnel responsible for repair of Station, Diverter, Blower and Carrier operations in addition to review of the diagnostic capabilities of the Smart System console.

End User Training

Advanced Pneumatic Tubes provides End-User Training sessions for clients on a demand basis. These sessions will assist new pneumatic tube delivery system users in the ease of operation of the system for the daily responsibilities.

Advanced Pneumatic Tubes' customers have access to a Pevco provided End User Training video. The Pevco End User Training video, approximately 10 minutes in length, provides users with the instructions necessary for the daily performance of their duties. Many of our clients have incorporated the Pevco End User Training video in the new employee orientation programs and as part of recurring education programs available on the customer Extra-nets.

For more information on training, feel free to contact us.

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