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New Systems

Whether you start with a small system or a large and complex one, Pevco pneumatic tube delivery systems are designed with flexibility in mind so that the system can grow and change as a hospital does. Cost analyses by hospitals of all sizes show that pneumatic tube delivery systems cost less over time than employee couriers. The largest hospitals may even save millions of dollars per year with a Pevco delivery system through labor and energy reductions.

At Advanced Pneumatic Tubes, we have decades of experience working with architects and construction managers on new hospital construction, additions, and renovations. We understand that round-the-clock healthcare environments present much different challenges and requirements than other building projects. We do whatever it takes to make sure that our projects go smoothly, from helping draft specifications to consulting on which products are best for a particular job.

Our high-quality, easy-to-use delivery systems are designed to transport medical materials quickly, safely, and reliably. All of our systems feature advanced, user-friendly software that automatically determines the fastest route for each carrier while monitoring every transaction.

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