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Point to Point System

Pevco AccuSend™


Pevco’s AccuSend™ is designed for convenient, point-to-point transfer of materials between two areas of a facility. The AccuSend pneumatic tube delivery system transports a carrier up to 2,500 feet at an average speed of 25 feet per second. AccuSend systems can stand alone or can be installed to provide added capability alongside our full-featured, computer-controlled multi-point systems.

Easy to Use
The automatic lift-off feature makes AccuSend simple and fast to operate. Carrier-arrival sound and light indicators mean you never miss a delivery.

AccuSend’s basic pressure/vacuum operation requires few moving parts that may require maintenance or replacement. But when you need us, Pevco offers full preventive and emergency maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly.

Compact Design
Requiring only 2” of wall clearance and with a base footprint of just 20” square the AccuSend fits your space. The AccuSend blower can be housed within the unit or can be placed remotely to save space and reduce noise.

All Pevco pneumatic tube delivery systems are UL Listed. System in-use indicators and electronic door locks keep employee hands out of the way of arriving carriers to guarantee safety.

Pevco AccuSend pneumatic tube delivery systems are available in 4”, 6” and 8” tube size and accommodate both standard and leak-resistant carriers to hold everything your facility needs to transport.

AccuSend™ Datasheet PDF

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